Pacphoon Landing

On Oct 20, 2016, Jacobson van den Berg (HK) Ltd held a Pacphoon Namasake launching presentation at a bar in North Point. Pacphoon, Pacific – Typhoon, finally landed in Hong Kong today.

In 2016, Jacobson and a well-known Japanese sake brand are joining forces for a brand new collaboration Pacphoon focusing on delicate, domestically-manufactured Namasake (“unpasteurized” sake) that represents the best of Japanese sake brewery. Pacphoon Namasake uses premium rice and pure and soft water, and as the Namasake has not been heated or pasteurized, it retains an intriguing freshness and velvet smoothness that like no others. And thanks to the technology of micro filtration, Pacphoon Namasake can be store at room temperature and shipped to Hong Kong freshly every day.

Pacphoon hopes to introduce more varieties of sake to Hong Kong and make it more enjoyable to all our customers.